New Season of Shows 2017 !

New Season of Shows 2017 !

We Dig Plants Fans-

We are back with a new season of shows!

We Dig Plants is now on Tuesdays at 1:15- 2:15 pm Eastern Time.

We also have a new format- ONE WHOLE HOUR - to devote to all things budding!  Our show will also, now, be once monthly to allow us more time to devote to research and producing the show.

We decided to offer a theme through this year-  LAND & CLIMATE: ZONE ENVY!   Our country is BIG and we have so much diversity in land, people, and climate we want to highlight that by using the USDA map as a guide. Each show will focus on One USDA Zone and the people, plants and places that make it unique. 

For some background: In 2012 the USDA- The United States Department of Agriculture published an updated map that more closely reflects what the climate in the U.S. is like now. Just like the previous maps, it divides the country into different zones, which are numbered from 1 through 13 and with half zones as well. These zone numbers tell us what the minimum temperatures are on average, in that Zone. 

It is what growers, gardeners and anyone working in horticulture use to determine what can grow where. It is a guide to your patch of earth. When you buy a plant, it often lists the hardiness zone to help you decide if you can grow it where you live or if you have to bring it indoors for winter!

On each show we will talk to gardeners, farmers, writers and growers who reflect new, unique and relevant ideas in each zone. We will share their stories with you each month and weekly here on the Blog.

If you have a story to share from your Zone- get in touch and we will consider it for an episode or for our blog..

Whats Your Zone ?

Check out the attached USDA Zone Map to find out !

See you in the Garden !



Carmen & Alice

Carmen & Alice